Monday, May 01, 2006

S is for SPRING!!!

I had love this one since i've seen it stitched but just havent had time to stitch it. Thought i am late anyway for spring but yesterday, still no signs of Spring and we just stayed home i had hunted where i place the chart, this one is quite a pretty quick one, just haven't make the cording though at once. Now, it is done and weather here today was, very windy, dark and rainy. It's spring break here and lots of tourist around but pity it was such bad weather today. Hopefully, expected weather the coming days were dry and temperature will go up. We'll see.


Von said...

Hi Mylene! I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading. I hate getting too far behind. :D
I see you've stitched the PS Spring freebie! Isn't is just the sweetest? You've done a wonderful job stitching and finishing.
Hope your weather improves soon!

Isabelle said...

That's so cute, Mylene! :)