Sunday, August 27, 2006

Thank you all for dropping by and all the nice comments about our pieces, i mean mine and SU.
Now, i am quite nervous for the next exchange i've signed in, the needleroll. I am not even half way of it and it is now nearly end of the month. I did stitch, quite a lot in between all the activities here, all cards though, a couple were for birthday stitched exchange and one for a baby card. Thursday, after midnight, we just get in the bedroom and the phone rings, we both look at each other wondering who would called us so late and i suddenly thought of my family in Asia or my sister in Canada, so i took the phone. It was DH's sister, to tell that her eldest daughter had just given birth to a baby girl. She's so happy and want's to share the news.
The next morning, i got up very early to stitch a card and deliver it in the afternoon. I got some pics, but i can't fine the camera right now, i think it is still in the car. Will do it tomorrow.

Yesterday, Kees went to the mainland for his diving lesson quite early in the morning, and Grace was picked up by a friend for the swimming club, which was really fine as it has been raining and it was not fun to go with the bike.
In the afternoon, friends came and stay for dinner and was quite late when they left. After drinking some beers, i don't have the mode for stitching anymore....

We slept out today, wow! i really needed that but felt guilty afterwards thinking of my the afternoon, went to a nephew's birthday, so the day was just too short.
The next coming days will be working so stitching will really have to wait....

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Von said...

Sounds like you've had lots of fun and excitement! Congrats on your new niece!!