Friday, August 18, 2006

These lot sent out this week for birthdays and an exchange. The cards were completed early this week, the guesttowel band was finished a while back and just attached it to the towel the other day. I just hope all the recepients likes all these items.

It has dark and rainy till after midday so we decided to cancell our barbecue with the neighbours tommorow evening as they predicted the same forecast. After lunch i took the kids to the circus, was a surprise for them and we've all enjoyed it. I took some pictures but it was dark so it's not that much to show. The show took more than two hours, when we came out, the sun was shinning until this evening. But we've already told everyone that tommorow was move after two weeks. Tonight's forecast for tommorow is still rainy so we'll see.
Atleast it wouldn't be so busy as planned, first thing in the morning DH goes for his diving lesson which takes about two hours. After lunch to a birthday party. The next day(sunday) will go to the mainland for another birthday party. Well, not much stitching time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Took the kids to the circus this afternoon,


Stitch or no stitch said...

Great to see all the lovely gifts & RR pieces you've been stitching. Everyone will be so happy to receive them.
Sorry to hear that you're having such a rainy end of summer. When do the kids go back to school?


Von said...

You're so thoughtful to make such lovely cards for all your friends and family, Mylene! On top of that, you so often are doing something really fun with your children - I love it!

Nice to catch up with you again. :)