Friday, April 06, 2007

Friendship theme RR

I received this rr this week, which was started June 2005 and suppose to be completed January 2006. There was a bit of problem with the group before but i am really happy we still have contacts and almost all the rr's were near to it's completion and will be return to the owners.
I LOVE it how it turn out, everyone had chozen a great design, though mine wasn't completed yet, it's the top one. Can't remember where i place the chart for that...hmmmmmmmmm.

OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH, my back is really painful, i've been on my feet since early this morning, first went shopping(groceries), and then started preparation for DH birthday celebration tomorrow which includes a bit of tidying but i think i was mostly in the kitchen. I am not yet done, but the rest will have to wait till tomorrow morning, that's mostly the snacks (warm and cold). I hope to get up very early so i can prepare afew and then by 9AM will have to bring Chris for his football match and stay to watch till 11AM. But that depends though, if friends are coming with the ferry at 10AM as they had said last night then we wouldn't be able to watch the game. Grace will be pick up at 8AM for her swimming club and be back around 10AM.

Anyway, HAPPY EASTER to everyone!!!

And thanks to all for dropping by and leaving comments. I really appreciate them all.


Dawn said...

Happy Easter! Hope DH birthday goes well.

Von said...

Happy Easter to you and your family, Mylene!!

Happy Birthday to dh as well. :D

Sally said...

A lovely RR Mylene. So pleased you finally got it back.

Love your photos of your stay in Hong Kong.

Wendy said...

Happy Easter, Mylene! That's a wonderful friendship RR. I hope your back has held up through your DH's birthday preparations.

Margaret said...

How wonderful to finally have your RR back. It's lovely!!
Hope your back is feeling better.

tkdchick said...

Your RR looks lovely!!!

Zohrah said...

Maganda RR.