Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend with friends!!

After the kids activities yesterday(swimming and football), we went to the mainland for a friends b-day and then stayed overnight at another friends place, since the last ferry took off at 9:30PM. It was not our intention to stay there today for the whole day as we have a lot to do here at home but they had prepared something for barbecue expecting us to stay for dinner, as it's really nice weather here, quite warm for this time of the year. The kids are having a great time too and after midday we took them to town for ice cream as you can see here on the picture.

I haven't touch this one for a long time and i suddenly remember our friend expect this one in August so i had worked a bit on it last week. Really hope to be done by August!

Thanks everyone for dropping by and all the nice comments.


Barbara said...

Hello Mylene - glad to hear you enjoyed such a nice weekend! Gezellig! :)

Good luck getting your Winnie & friends project done by August. Those projects are always so much more involved than they look. I did one for my eldest and it took me forever. LOL

Dawn said...

Winnie looks great!

Margaret said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend Mylene. You always do so much for others that you certainly deserve a wonderful weekend away.

Winnie is cute. Gook luck in finishing by August.