Thursday, April 19, 2007

Prairie Schooler Spring Exchange

Finally, my package to my partner Linda
arrived... from Holland to the U.S in more than two weeks! I really didn't expect it will take that long. I didn't enclosed too many items because from experience when the envelope is bulky it does takes a while to reach the destination but it seems now there's not much difference!
I think this is my first needelbook and i am happy to hear Linda likes it.

Here's what i received from Linda. I just love everything, such a great ornament she've finished! Thank you so much, Linda.

Now, I am waiting for the PS pinkeep exhange, mine was already received but i would like to wait till i receive mine before i will post a pic.

Haven't had the chance yet to work on my quilt blocks. Been busy helping an old colleagues for packing as she's moving tomorrow and been out for walks with a friend who has having problems with her marriage. They live separately since a couple of months now and with two young kids, isn't that good at all.


Dawn said...

Your needlebook is wonderful! Great job:) The ornament is adorabel, too!

whitecalla said...

Both gifts are equally beautiful.
Congrads on a successful exchange.

Sally said...

Very pretty exchange pieces Mylene.

Hope your back is better now. It's no fun having a bad back gentle {{{{hugs}}}}

Von said...

Both exchanges are lovely!

Margaret said...

Beautiful exchange pieces Mylene - both given & received. You did a great job on your first needlebook.