Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Prairie Schooler Pinkeep Exchange

A nice surprise is waiting for me tonight when i came home from work. Julie's pinkeep arrived safely!! I just LOVE it!! It is sooooooooo neatly done. Thanks so much, Julie and also for the extra cards that were enclosed.

Here's the pictures of the one i sent to Julie which she had received a while back. I just want to wait for hers to arrive to me before posting a picture.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend with friends!!

After the kids activities yesterday(swimming and football), we went to the mainland for a friends b-day and then stayed overnight at another friends place, since the last ferry took off at 9:30PM. It was not our intention to stay there today for the whole day as we have a lot to do here at home but they had prepared something for barbecue expecting us to stay for dinner, as it's really nice weather here, quite warm for this time of the year. The kids are having a great time too and after midday we took them to town for ice cream as you can see here on the picture.

I haven't touch this one for a long time and i suddenly remember our friend expect this one in August so i had worked a bit on it last week. Really hope to be done by August!

Thanks everyone for dropping by and all the nice comments.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Prairie Schooler Spring Exchange

Finally, my package to my partner Linda
arrived... from Holland to the U.S in more than two weeks! I really didn't expect it will take that long. I didn't enclosed too many items because from experience when the envelope is bulky it does takes a while to reach the destination but it seems now there's not much difference!
I think this is my first needelbook and i am happy to hear Linda likes it.

Here's what i received from Linda. I just love everything, such a great ornament she've finished! Thank you so much, Linda.

Now, I am waiting for the PS pinkeep exhange, mine was already received but i would like to wait till i receive mine before i will post a pic.

Haven't had the chance yet to work on my quilt blocks. Been busy helping an old colleagues for packing as she's moving tomorrow and been out for walks with a friend who has having problems with her marriage. They live separately since a couple of months now and with two young kids, isn't that good at all.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Feeling homesick!

First of all, Thanks so much for all the best wishes for DH's birthday and easter. DH's birthday was very busy but enjoyable(erg gezellig!). We counted about 30 people who came, most came in the afternoon though, haven't have enough sits for all, i and a couple of friends were constantly at the kitchen for drinks and snacks. I was really glad i've prepared the dishes for dinner and just warm it up and some snacks. Evening went well too, the last guest went home at around 3:30PM!!
My back felt better, just have to get used to all the activities here especially at work. I've been going for a long walk the last days too either alone or with a friend. Yesterday evening with Dh and Chris, we've walked i think about 6km, oh Chris was with his bike. And earlier tonight only 3km with Dh and Chris. Grace slept over with one of her friends just came home tonight.

Haven't done much sticthing or quilting this week. I don't know, just not in the mood at all. I do feel HOMESICK!! Been calling home almost everyday, i think our phone bill will be so high this month!!!

Last night, i decided to stitch and have a finished at once and these Christmas patterns were the one ready at hand. I think i will make them into cards.

Finished this one tonight, but not sure yet what am i going to do with it, either into a card or...?????

Will be working these coming days but hope to get back to my quilt blocks by thursday!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Friendship theme RR

I received this rr this week, which was started June 2005 and suppose to be completed January 2006. There was a bit of problem with the group before but i am really happy we still have contacts and almost all the rr's were near to it's completion and will be return to the owners.
I LOVE it how it turn out, everyone had chozen a great design, though mine wasn't completed yet, it's the top one. Can't remember where i place the chart for that...hmmmmmmmmm.

OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH, my back is really painful, i've been on my feet since early this morning, first went shopping(groceries), and then started preparation for DH birthday celebration tomorrow which includes a bit of tidying but i think i was mostly in the kitchen. I am not yet done, but the rest will have to wait till tomorrow morning, that's mostly the snacks (warm and cold). I hope to get up very early so i can prepare afew and then by 9AM will have to bring Chris for his football match and stay to watch till 11AM. But that depends though, if friends are coming with the ferry at 10AM as they had said last night then we wouldn't be able to watch the game. Grace will be pick up at 8AM for her swimming club and be back around 10AM.

Anyway, HAPPY EASTER to everyone!!!

And thanks to all for dropping by and leaving comments. I really appreciate them all.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Update on my Sampler quilt

After finishing a couple of stitching items for exchanges, which was already sent but not yet receive so can't show any picture yet, i've been working on my quilting blocks. Here are all the blocks together that i've completed so far, my aim is to finish 15 or 16 blocks before putting them all together.

DH will celebrate his birthday on saturday, his b-day is the 9th of April but i have to work that day and most can't come during weekdays.
Will be busy starting tomorrow for all the preparations!! SO, no stitching for me!!!

Our short stay in HONGKONG

It was just a short flight from Manila to Hongkong, about two hours, compare to our travel from the province to Manila which was 7 hours with the car and straight to the airport. We were able to booked our flight very early in the morning so we could travel at night otherwise traveling during day time will take a lot longer. It was around 4AM when we reached the airport and went and checked in at once as our flight leave at 6AM. When we arrived in Hongkong we went straight to our,
hotel and took a shower before we went and meet a couple of friends for lunch. After lunch, Kees took the kids back to the hotel as they don't feel well and wanted to take a nap. I stayed behind for a couple of hours and had a look in a few shopping malls but it was too busy as it was sunday, so we went to a coffee bar and catch up on news.

The next day we went to Hongkong Disneyland. It was raining and a bit dark when we left the hotel but when we reach the park it started to clear up and at midday the sun turns up. It was smaller than what we had expected but it was a nice experience especially the Parade.

On our third day, we walked to the harbour which was nearby our hotel but we've taken the long route as we were not that familiar anymore, kids wasn't happy with the walked!! After lunch, we went shopping for clothes for the kids and before we know it we have to picked our luggage and headed to the airport.
Well, this will be the last for a while visiting Hongkong. We've passed by here two years ago too on the way back to Holland, we would like to visit other places too like Singapore but the children wanted to go to Disneyland so that's why we came back.