Monday, November 17, 2008

bib for Eva & Max was dropped ealier this evening!

Stitched this one last month for Eva, whose expecting their first baby very soon. She received it last weekend and glad to hear she likes it.

Thank you all sooooooo much for visiting and all the lovely comments. They are very much appreciated.

I've taken DH for the first ferry this morning(6am), he is now at the mainland till friday following a course which is needed for his current job. So he's away for nearly a week again. After that, he'll have three weeks before he'll leave for sea again.

Max was dropped here early this evening as the owner is going to follow a course too at the mainland which takes a few days and he'll have to leave very early tomorrow.
Here's Max while i was clearing up the dinner table...

Grace is trying to calm him down as he's being a bit uneasy, think he's looking for dh who isn't around. Before 7pm i had to bring Chris with a couple of boys to their chess club and Max follows us outside and doesn't want to get in. When i got back i had to take him at the dyke despite of the strong wind and it's dark, i just stayed at the top for a few minutes and then back home.
Just heard the weather forecast for the coming days and its very windy and lots of rain. Really a pity but we'll see as i have an appointment with a friend to go for a walk tomorrow morning. Pretty busy last week we had missed our weekly walk!


Meari said...

Cute bib, Mylene

Shari said...

the bib is adorable!
I get the idea max is pretty fond of your husband!! How neat!

Olenka's Stitches said...

An adorable bib. You sound to be pretty busy these days. Take care.

Christine said...

Lovely bib Mylene

Wendy said...

Nice present you made! And what a beautiful dog.

Bye, Wendy

Annie said...

That's a very nice bib you made. And looks like you have your hands full with Max, but he does look lovable.

Julie said...

Cute bib, pretty design. Max is adorable, i hope the weather is better than they predict for you, its so cold here too today.

Debra said...

The bib is so cute. Eva will love it.
Debra in Indiana

Elisabeth Braun said...

Hi Mylene!

Good to see you're still doing plenty of stitching etc!=)

Thanks for the Yearbook invitation, but I don't have an account on there and won't be creating one as I don't use social networking sites. Thanks again though.=)

Pike said...

Nice bib; Eva is so surprised with all these gifts we are sending her :)
I was wondering hearing from you on the group page; but the absence of your DH explains that :D

All the best,
Pirjo from Finland