Friday, November 21, 2008

An update with a small x'mas ornament

Thank you all so much for the best wishes for Max. We were so glad the following days went fine. I was even afraid to give him extra snacks lately as i'm not sure how he reacts. He was supposed to be picked up yesterday(thursday), but haven't seen or heard from the owner. Been to the post office this morning to send a few packages(he's the owner annex travel agency, that's why he's always on tour) and he said he will pick Max saturday evening so Kees can see him too. And yes, MAX was jumping up with joy when DH came home this afternoon.

It will be a busy day tomorrow, i was glad the football match was cancelled because of the wet & bad weather, i find it tooooo cold to stand outside to watch!!
But after swimming club of Grace i will take her to the mainland for some shopping especially for shoes and DH will join a few of his diving club as stand by for the "Sinterklaas intocht".

***The arrival of Sinterklaas is a big thing for Dutch youngsters, as the old saint makes his way through the cities by boat and on a white horse.
In The Netherlands, the big celebration for kids is not Santa Claus or Christmas, but a few weeks earlier. The celebration is on Saint Nicholas Eve, on December 5. Saint Nicholas lived in Turkey in the 4th century, and used his wealth to support the needy. He was bishop of Myra, and according to legend, helped children in various ways. Still now, for the Dutch Sinterklaas is not only the old man dressed up in red and white who gives presents to all children, but in general a generous person who gives away anything. Apparently, Saint Nicholas or Sinterklaas is the basis of the Santa Claus tradition in other countries, being a mispronounciation of Sinterklaas.***

Chris can joined them, i just hope he won't be bored on the small vessel they are in. I think it will take about 4 hours.

Honestly, i haven't done any stitching this last days and much as i try finishing a few ornaments i just luck inspiration. Here's a small one from the last serie i had been doing, might be the last...! This was stitch a while back.

Here's a picture of all what i've completed from the serie, includes the chart book too on the picture.

Just a close up of the cards and ornaments!! Now, i can't wait to put up our christmas tree. Have to wait until "Sinterklaas" is over which is after 5 december.

I might not be much online this coming weeks, might be going out for a couple of days with Dh next week, just the two of us. We'll have to see if we can book something though.

Hope everyone have a wonderful weekend and thank you all so much for stopping by.


shutterbug said...

Mylene I love all the ornaments and cards in the basket! Nice work. They look good displayed in the basket like that but if you need my address to send them here, just let me know. :o) I bought a few ornaments today and I'm in the mood for Christmas. :o)
Hugs, Elaine

Olenka's Stitches said...

What lovely Christmas stitching! They sure will look great on your Christmas Tree.

Debra said...

Pretty stitching, just love your finishes. Have fun with hubby.
Debra in Indiana

Beth said...

I'm happy to hear that Max is okay. Maybe he just had a stomach bug?

Your finished finishes look beautiful! You do such wonderful work!

Have fun while Kees is home and get back to us when you can!


Sally said...

Beautiful Christmas ornaments. They all look so pretty in the basket.

Wendy said...

Wat een leuke kaarten en ornamentjes voor in je boom.Dat wordt een bijzomdere kerstboom en wie zo'n leuk kerstkaartje van jou mag ontvangen is een echte bofkont.

Anonymous said...

Lovely holiday stitching! Your sfe package will be mailed on Monday along with a quilt square. I had promised to do one for you a while ago and decided I better mail these things off together.

Barbara said...

Love your basket of ornies & cards. The designs are all so cute and you do such wonderful finishing on them. Glad to hear Max is feeling better. Enjoy your upcoming time with hubby.
Barb in TX

Doris said...

i am glad that max is ok, is a cute big dog.

your onrmanets look lovely,i like the picture of aall ornament and card in the basket,look like a covermagazine! great and beautiful, congratulations!!

Have a great and nice days with your DH, the couple need some time alone, and be romantic!!.

Christine said...

Cute ornament!
have a nice time with DH

Julie said...

A lovely Christmas basket, so pleased Max recovered quickly.

Sandra said...

Lovely finishes Mylene! They look wonderful on the basket!

Have a happy time with your hubby!

Maddy*Moo said...

i love all the ornaments! I can't find that magazine anywhere! I love all what they do but I haven't been able to find it for quite a while now! And i have looked in all the different newsagents around! Can i order it online at all?

Your work is lovely btw! lol.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Such lovely Christmas stitching! Glad Max is better too.

Hazel said...

What lovely ornaments! xx

mainely stitching said...

What pretty holiday stitching! :D Hope everyone stays dry and healthy!

Kelly said...

I love your ornaments!

Lillie said...

Thank you for sharing about the origins of Sinterklaas.
All your ornies are lovely and have a good time off..
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mylene
I am from the sanman board and I love those ornaments. Can you please tell me what book they are from. I want to try and get it Thanks Pat