Thursday, September 28, 2006

In addition to the subscription of a magazine we gave to Grace and a couple of deo's from her brother we bought her a necklace too, with her sign Libra on the hanger. Whew! Didn't realise jewelries here are quite expensive on the island or rather not much choices and i think they take advantage of it as they are only two so people really don't have much choice regarding jewelries. We could have look at the mainland but we don't goe there that much and if we go ussually straight to friends place and sundays...shops are closed!

This was the strawberry 'kwark'tart that Grace and Merel had prepared last monday. It taste good as everyone had chosen that to eat. Friends and family dropped by yesterday afternoon after school and she've received some wonderful gifts.

Very early this morning, still dark, i went to pick up MIL's car and drove DH to the ferry. After the knee operation(exploratory)he's not allowed to drive back home. After the ferry he had ordered a taxi to bring him to the hospital. Everything went well and brother-in-law went to pick him up at one from the hospital. We now wait what's the result if he does needed a knee operation.
I do feel better now with driving compared to last week.

This went out last monday for a birthday exchange. Stitched a card and a pincushion.


Von said...

Grace is such a pretty girl, looking very sweet in the photo. :D

Glad that you're feeling more comfortable in the driver's seat, Mylene!

Renee S. said...


Your daughter is beautiful! As well as your needlework.

Renee S.

Stitch or no stitch said...

Grace is such a lovely girl. The tart looks yummy.
All the best with DH's knee. Sounds like you have more driving ahead of you Mylene. Before you know it you'll like it so much you'll be pushing DH to sit in the passenger's seat all the time.(lol)
What a pretty exchange gift - you're making someone out there very happy again.

Meari said...

Beautiful gift exchange. Love the colors. :)