Thursday, September 21, 2006

For nearly a year i haven't drive a car i am so happy i did it or should i say it went well today. This afternoon, dh was at the mainland and he called that he couldn't make it in time to bring Chris for his swimming lesson at six this evening. Since it is quite far away to go with the bike and it's windy i don't have choice than to go and borrow his mother's car. Oh my, i was so nervous but i am so glad it went well.

In the end, i am happy i borrowed it and was able to go to the course i joined for beginners in quilting. It started 7:30PM until 10PM and by that time it's dark already and i am kind of afraid with cycling alone. I've waited so long for this as i am really interested with patchwork but the last course that has been started before was during my work days. We started with a small cushion, and just done the cutting. Will take a picture of it next time. I am not sure how long does this course will take, i only know we'll meet again after two weeks.

My Forever Friends round robin came home early this week and it looks beautiful. Everyone done a wonderful work on it, i am really happy with the result. I don't know yet how am i going to finish it....

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Stitch or no stitch said...

Congratulations x 3.
Good for you driving Chris to his swimming lesson and then even driving in the dark from your quilt class. That took a lot of courage & you have every right to be very proud of yourself
Great that you've joined the quilting class you have been wanting to take.
And the final congrats is on the return of your beautiful RR. Forever Friends are so adorable.