Friday, September 22, 2006

Away this weekend

We are going to the mainland early tomorrow morning, first to the attraction park
slagharen. After the ferry, i think about two and a half hour drive or more. I just hope the weather's fine or atleast dry as most are outside. It just started raining a couple of hours ago after a few days of quite warm weather for the month of September. Oh well, we've never been to this park yet but we heard it's quite a big one.

For the night we are going to stay at one of our friends who came here last saturday and then the next day, we'll all drive to another friend as they move to another house.

It's a busy weekend again and be back sunday evening. Monday & tuesday i have to work and wednesday is Grace birthday! She will be 11. Not sure yet what to get her, as she doesn't have much on her list. Atleast we made a subscription today to one of the magazine she ussually buy each month.
I do want to make a card too, hopefully monday after work.

Thanks Margaret for dropping by and the nice comments. With driving , i think i really have to do it more often, the problem is i don't drive our car, it's a van(VW) and i am scared to drive it so i have to borrow MIL's smaller car. Can't afford to have another one for me and it's not really necessary too, because going to my work took only 7 minutes with the bike.

A bookmark and a card that were sent out this week for birthdays.

Sorry, i had said last night to take a picture of the started quilt but i was so busy today haven't had time to do so. It have to wait till next week.


Meari said...

The card and bookmark are lovely! How did you finish the edges of the bookmark?

Mylene said...

Thanks Meari. I think the name is buttonhole edge, you can see how it works here:

Von said...

Your card and bookmark are delightful, as always, Mylene!
Maybe you should practice driving your van now and then, a Sunday drive in the country would be fun, away from crowds and tight spots. You never know when you might HAVE to drive it.
Enjoy your weekend. I hope the weather cooperates with you! :D

Stitch or no stitch said...

Lovely finishes Mylene!!
When I read your blog I just remembered how driving in Holland intimidated me so much at first.
Hope your family is having a wonderful weekend.