Thursday, September 14, 2006

I received my Needleroll exchange from Andrea early this week. It is such a beautiful one!! Andrea's stitching is very very neat. The words above the design were stitched with one thread over one. Thank you so much.

And the goodies enclosed are all great too. Thanks so much for everything.

This card and bookmark were sent to Belgium last monday for one of the yahoo exchange group, imagine my surprise when Veronique sent a note yesterday that it has arrived. It took only two days while from previous experience it has taken about a week.

Done some cleaning today and i am not yet done, so i'll be very busy tomorrow. More cleaning and tidying, get some groceries and would want to bake a couple of cake or tart too. Some friends from the mainland, three couples and their kids are coming for a visit this coming saturday. One family has been here a lot of time but the two were there first.
We hope the weather's stays good just like these last days, pretty warm for this month, really a late summer. I am thinking of having a barbeque but we'll have to see tomorrow what's the weather forecast.
Actually, it is our 12th anniversary this saturday and i had wish to go out with just the four of us but it was the only weekend that everyone can come.


whitecalla said...

Congratulations on your 12th Anniversary.

Lucky you,its a beautiful roll and you have choosen a very unique design for your exchange.

Hoped you'll have an enjoyable weekend!

Meari said...

Your stitchy goodies are beautiful!

Stitch or no stitch said...

Happy Anniversay to you and DH. Hope you have good weather & a fun time with your friends.
What a lovely needle roll & such pretty goodies to match.
Great design for your bookmark & card. Isn't it fun when the post office co-operates & gets these gifts sent quickly.
Have a wonderful anniversary weekend.

veronique said...

hoi mylene
nogmaals hartelijk bedankt voor je mooie boekenlegger en kaart, ik ben er heel blij mee


AnneS said...

Andrea did a beautiful job with your needleroll - it's really gorgeous! :D