Sunday, September 16, 2007

13th Anniversary!!

Thirteen years ago when we got married in the city hall here on Texel. We did it quietly with just Kees parents, brothers and sisters with their partners and a couple of close friends. A dinner afterwards here at home. It's because we had the big celebration and the church wedding in Asia at my parents place a few months after, December 1994(on my birthday). When we got back in January here on Texel we did another celebration though for family and friends.

We were able to sleep in this morning and it feels good. After that we went to Kees mother for a visit as we haven't been there for nearly a month now. When we got home this afternoon i started gathering the materials for the cards, cutting the patterns for the 3d's. And then we went out to dinner. Just before we leave for dinner, headache started but i just disregard it thought it will go away but when we were seated at the restaurant and the starters came, my feelings turning bad as well as taste so it wasn't much for me. The rest enjoyed their meal though. That was a couple of hours ago. I feel a bit better now and hope not really got sick as i have to work tomorrow.


Perunding Jurutera JH said...
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Lillie said...

Congratulations ! Wish both of many more years of love and happiness.

Am glad that you are feeling much better now.

(Am very sorry had to delete my earlier unknow id came out of that post.)

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Sally said...

Congratulations Mylene!

Dawn said...

Congratulations to the both of you!