Thursday, September 06, 2007

Cards and football

These were sent out lately and now both received so i can show them up.
I was looking today for an appropriate card for Grace but no success yet.

A couple of 3D cards that i've made last month. Haven't done much of these kind this year. Just don't have much time anymore. Hey, looking back at the pictures, what a coincidence that they are both made on the same colour!

Football season started again! After a couple of weeks training, (once a week) they had a try-out competition this afternoon. Competitions are actually on saturdays, but the organisator arent sure if one of the teams are really qualified to stay with the same level of Chris group. Chris group won 12-0. It has shown that the other team weren't that strong or needed more practice.


Margaret said...

Lovely cards and wonderful stitching Mylene. The heart you are working on is so pretty and it's a shame it will have to wait until you get some other stitching done.
What type of a pattern are you looking for to stitch for Grace. If you let met know I'll look through what I have. You can email me at megr_xstitcherathotmaildotcom.

Lillie said...

The cards are lovely. Great pictures of the boys in action.

So sorry that you have to put aside 'Welcome' for awhile, am sure its a gorgeous design once finish. Already looking pretty here.

Stitchingnow said...

Great cards and congrats to Chris on the win. Hope you can find more time to craft.

Barbara said...

Lovely cards and the Welcome stitching is great. So country :)

Sally said...

Beautiful cards as always Mylene.

glenda said...

You know how much I love your cards, and you didn't disappoint this time. The 3D are stunning!