Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Grace!!

This is the card which can be a bookmark as well that i've stitched for her.

And the big surprise was the bike that she've found out in the barn very early this morning. She know's she'll get this one as we've let her choose which type she wanted but the dealer/shop said last week that it will arrive after three weeks so she was really happy this morning. It's a Raleigh with 3 speeds and a coincidence with her name on it. I haven't taken a picture yet but her's the site where i got the pic i've attach here.Raleigh Young Mrs Grace

We didn't celebrate her b-day today as she's in school from 7:30AM and back at home 4:30PM and had to do her rounds for the newspaper too. We will celebrate it this coming saturday.

And here's another card for INE! another b-day celebrant today from the Dutch yahoo group.


Lillie said...

Happy Birthday Grace, wishing you a birthday filled with golden opportunities that all your dreams come true.

The card is pretty and a great idea.

glenda said...

They are very pretty, Mylene. Keep up the great work!

Karan said...

Happy Birthday to Grace. :0)
Lovely srirching, as always Mylene.

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Grace!! I love the bookmark:)

Sally said...

Happy Birthday Grace! I hope you had a lovely birthday:)

Lovely stitching Mylene.