Friday, September 21, 2007

SFE from Kim & away for the weekend

Received the SFE from Kim !Thank you so much. I really like how you finished this pillow and the colour of fabrics you had used are my favorites. You are really a great stitcher and finisher!!

We will be away for the weekend, just me and DH. After the activieties(football & swimming) of the children in the morning we will bring them to MIL, they'll stay there for the weekend. Me and dh will go to a friends birthday at the mainland and stay the night as the next day we are going to another friend having an open day for her 'Tapas Bar'. Oh well, no stitching weekend for me.

Have a nice weekend to all!


Sally said...

The pillow is beautiful.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Lillie said...

That's a lovely pillow and color.
Hoped you had a wondeful weekend:D

Zohrah said...

The pillow is so beautiful and have a great weekend.