Saturday, September 15, 2007


After finishing stitching the card for Grace, can't show a picture as i am not sure if she comes and have a peek on here, i picked the 'Welcome' and here's my progress so far. I've add my last update to see the difference. I think i will try and stitch at least once a week on this project. Much as i'd like to stitch everyday, i simply can't especially during my working days. Just too tired to concentrate on stitching.
Also, since christmas is coming nearer i would like to make some cards, not stitch ones(3D cards) as i have lots of stuff for it. Won't be buying new items with this as i am not continuing to do this when most are used. I'd rather concentrate on Stitching, Hardanger and maybe quilting.

Hope everyone's having a good weekend. For us today, Grace was picked up for her swimming club early this morning, while we took Chris for his football match. After a difficult start there team won , 4-1`.
After lunch we went in search for a new bike for Grace, it took us almost the whole afternoon and only been to a couple of shops. It wasn't easy as Grace have her own wishes and they don't have it on display so we have to order it and hope it's what she really wants, it's expected to be here after three weeks.


Greg said...

The progress on your Welcome is coming along nicely. Your doing a fantastic job!

glenda said...

Looks great, Mylene!

Margaret said...

Glad to read you were able to finish Grace's card.
Great progress on "Welcome".
Have a good week.

Barbara said...

Wonderful progress on Welcome. Love the colours, very inviting ;)