Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hardanger...& Thanks!

Last sunday we went to a friends birthday more than an hour ride, we left the kids at their grandma so no distraction in the car while i am working on this Hardanger piece. The first picture is what i've done last year or maybe a couple of years now? Just found it without the chart so i still have to hunt the chart of it. Was able to do part of it
during the ride and done partly around it last night while watching the only series i like to watch, CSI New York and Bones.

Many many thanks for all the nice comments especially of Chris with his math. We are sure very proud of him. One of the teachers last year, actually one of Grace teacher who once in a while give lessons to the lower class said to Grace that her brother is following her footsteps. She's been one of the top ones too during her time here at the primary school. It's a pity they don't give especial honors here compare to where i grew up. Though, now that they are at the secondary level that's where they are classified to different levels depending on their primary grades. Out of 22 in the class they were only four who went to the highest level called VWO( Voorbereidend wetenschappelijk onderwijs [Preparatory scientific education]). We do try our best to help or stimulate them and do hope they will do there best as it's for their own good in the future.


Karan said...

Your hardanger piece is so pretty - hope you manage to find the chart.
You have lovely children Mylene & you are a very caring Mum - I'm sure they will always make you proud. :0)

Doris said...

i like hardanger :D

and,i like CSi (all of them),and Bones,,and close case and of course House , this day in spain i could see NCIS with Mark Hammon..(((sight)))

glenda said...

Your hardanger looks really good!

Barbara said...

I was watching CSI with you! LOL!

otoño said...

Espero te quede precioso, el hardanger es el bordado por excelencia. Olga