Tuesday, January 15, 2008


With my last post i've enclosed pictures of WIP's i wanted to work on and i did but one after the other i ran out of DMC threads needed..aaarrrgggggggg! Been to the only craft shop here on the island that sales DMC(for 1.65 dollar per skein) but it's closed for a couple of weeks.

Okey, so started to make a couple of finished pieces into pinkeeps and found out i don't have enough of the right colour pins to go with it..hhhhmmmmmm!

Last, i stitch a small piece to make into a birthday card and to find out last night the special glue i used for cards is nearly empty so it got hard and can't be use anymore.

The only good thing i can share is i am done with the scissor fob for the exchange and will be mailing later this week. Can't show a picture yet though.

But here are the updates of the above mentioned WIP's.


Lillie said...

Sometimes these things happened!

Your WIPs are looking good. Have a good week Mylene :D

Barbara said...

Sorry you're frustrated! Your WIPs look great, though!

Sandra said...

Hope you're having a better day today Mylene. Your WIP's look great, as always

Karan said...

Hope the day improves as it goes along Mylene.
Great progress on your WIP pieces. :0)

Doris said...

yor Wips look very beauty...i hope you have a better day

Sally said...

Wow, you've made loads of progress on both these!

Barbara said...

You're doing great on your WIPs. Hope the rest of your week improves from today. :-)
Many Hugs,
Barb in TX

Danielle said...

Your Season of Rest looks great. Thank you for the postcard today. I have not been much on the groups as I'm trying to stay off the Internet and stitch!

I have started writing in my blog again. You can check it out at

tkdchick said...

OMG how frustrating!!!! Can I send you the DMC you need?

Lisha said...

Hello,I stumbled on your blog and have enjoyed it very much. I too like to make cards. Mostly rubber stamped. Your stitching is very nice. So sorry you've had so much trouble. I hate when things like that happen. Hang in there. I'm kinda new to the blog thing, so stop by mine some time and say hello.