Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Oh yes, i got distracted from working on the PIF's, though i had finished a couple of stitching and will be looking for the right fabric colour to go with it. Just had a look of what i have of fabric and i have mostly for x'mas need to have a look later this week at the quilter's home.

One of the yahoo groups had asked if anyone's interested to send a card for her Dh 40th b-day. It's free choice so long as with the 40 number on the card, i choose to stitch this for him. Actually, he's not really looking forward to this #!! That is why these will be a big surprise for him. Hope he'll like it though!

And since i am in the mood for cards i also finished two cards for a future birthdays of children's of friends/family.

Here's Chris so proud receiving the certificate for completing the tables of 1 to 5, the only one in his class of 23 pupils. Yeah, with calculations...i am not sure what is the right term use for school anymore, i thought math can do as well. Anyway, he's quite good with it and ahead too with his classmates that is why we try to slow him down and asked him to give more priorities with his reading though it is going good as well.

Lynn, about the scissor fob you've asked, works really fine for me especially when i'm on the couch watching tv as well as trying to stitch, and put needles and pins too.

Thank you all so much for stopping by.

And hope everyone are having a good day. Here's finally dry and sunny after a few days of constant rain. We've had an hour walk at the dyke with DH, though it's cold but it feels good after staying all the time inside.
Got to see to lunch!!!


Wanda said...

Sweet cards! I am sure that everyone will love their cards. Congrats to Chris for doing such a good job with his math.

Lisha said...

Cards are too cute. Cute little boy too. He sounds very smart. I need to get back to making cards too. You may just inspire me. Have a great day.

Barbara said...

We had sun today, too!!!!

Chris looks adorable - and congratulations to him!

Doris said...

i like thecard,look really cute, congratulations to your kid :D (i love math)

Barbara said...

Nice work on your cards. I just knew that you wouldn't stop making them completely. :D And congrats to Chris on his accomplishment. I'm sure you're quite proud of him.
Barb in TX

Claudia said...

Hello, that are very nice cards! And your page is beautifull,I`m often will look there.
Greetings from Germany

Dawn said...

The cards are fantastic! You make such wonderful cards.

Congrats to Chris on such an achievement!

Karan said...

Lovely cards Mylene. Congratulations to Chris too - what a clever boy he is. :0)

monique said...

You sure made some lovely cards.
Congratulations to Chris, what a smart boy!

Sally said...

Beautiful cards!

Congratulations to Chris!

glenda said...

Great job on the cards! Way to go, Chris!!!!

Stitchingranny said...

Congratulations Chris on getting your diploma, you must be a very clever little boy.

The cards are lovely.

Shari said...

the cards all look wonderful Mylene! Great job! Congrats to Chris!! He sure looks proud!!!

het lieveheersbeestje said...

concratualations!!! You have a smart and so sweet looking boy!