Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year to all!! & New years dive...

Just a quik post with some pictures taken last night. We are just home with the four of us last night, since i have to work today we decided just a quiet evening so for the first time in years no visitors and didn't go to family or friends too, though we are invited to one of our friends but knowing the celebratio is ussually until the early hours i am afraid i won't be fit to go to work the next day.
These pictures of DH and Chris doing the fireworks, Grace find it too cold to come out so she was mostly watching tv. Last is one of the neighbours, some fireworks were really great!!

Joining the New years dive..? was actually a joke last week but when it got nearer the time they decided to join. If i should not work today, i think i have join them too. Who knows next time!! Dh asked his sister to take some pictures and we had asked MIL last sunday if she can go and assist them with the towels. When the best friends of Grace heard of it yesterday they wanted to join them too. The water temperature was 44F(7degrees celcius). Brrrrrrrrrrrr wasn't that cold??? Here are some pictures:

Believe it or not but i really wanted to have even a very tiny finish for this first day of 2008, i know i am crazy but i did it anyway. Children are already in bed when i came home earlier as they stayed up so late last night, so i picked up one of the chart i've kitted up yesterday and began stitching while talking to DH about today's events. This will be for a scissor fob biscornu, the half of it.

Now i better go and try to cacth up on groups and other bloggers while waiting for my cousin's call from the U.S. As she called earlier but i am not yet home.


tkdchick said...

Oooh your family is brave going for that dip!

Congratson on your first finish for 2008!

Happy New Years!

glenda said...

Way to go on the finish!
I enjoy reading your blog - can't wait to see what you will be up to this year :)

Barbara said...

Congrats for your 1st 2008 finish. The dip in the water looks quite chilly. Brave people to do that. LOL Happy New Year!
Barb in TX

Jen said...

Crazy family, but I think my husband and two boys would have joined in. The first finish of the year looks great.

Doris said...

brrr,,water cold,in a cold thank, for me,,is better a hot chocolat :D

Margaret said...

Congrats to DH & DD for taking the New Year's dip. Brrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
Congrats to you to Mylene - on your first finish of 2008. A good start to what I hope will be a good and happy year for you and all your loved ones.

monique said...

Happy New Year!!!!!
I have been tryoing to post a comment on your lovely blog but sonmehow blogger didn't let me to. But I think I'm lucky this time.

Shari said...

oh burr!!!!! No way would I take the dive!!!! It is 3 degrees here today! I just added snow pix to my blog. I think the water pix look more inviting than snow, but I will keep the snow!