Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Finally completed my piece for the Freebie exchange and now ready to post off tomorrow.
Worked on Nature's beauty and here's my update so far.

Also had worked on the SAL for the Dutch yahoo group, so glad i've catch up with this one and waiting for the next part next week. Does anyone know or idea what's this piece will be? I don't have no clue at all!

Just took this picture early this evening of Chris and Floortje. She's staying over for the night as her mother's out with her colleauges.
She's the youngest sister of DH. Floortje is a month older than Chris and they are both in the same class so they'll be going together to school tomorrow morning.

Just want to share more pictures of my flower pots at the back of our house. The first two pots, i didn't know the colours when i put them to the pots otherwise i should have a better arrangements for colour combination.

Feel a lot better today, thanks so much for all the well wishes. Also thanks so much for stopping by especially to those who left comments. I really appreciate them all.


cathymk said...

Lovely progress on Natures Beauty!

Sachiko said...

Beautiful your progress!

Take care!

Barbara said...

Nice stitching and pretty flowers - always good for a smile! :D

Julie said...

Natures Beauty looks good, but i've no idea what the SAL is - i'll have to wait and see LOL

Lovely flowers!

Olenka's Stitches said...

Nice stitching on both : Nature's Beauty and SAL. Your pansies and fuchsias look gorgeous.

Lelia said...

Good Morning! I love your pictures : ) Wonderful flowers. We don't have much in bloom right now. Nice stitching -- I haven't had much time to do that & hope to get some accomplished soon.

Sally said...

Wow, Mylene, so many lovely posts to catch up on. I love everything that you have stitched and received:)

I hope you're feeling much better soon.

Debra said...

Mylene, I really like the way your sal is looking, will enjoy seeing it progress. Your flowers are pretty.
Debra in Indiana

Stitchingranny said...

your pots are lovely and colourful, love the yellow and purple pansies together.

Both wips look great and I think the mystery looks like it could be a sun dial - what do you think?