Tuesday, May 27, 2008

SFE for Sarah!!

Sarah's theme for the SFE(small finished exchange) at ILCS yahoo group was whimsical cows so here's what i've stitched and finished into a pinkeep. It's from Cross Stitcher magazine design by Lesley Teare. Now i noticed it's the same designer with the blue tit scissor fob from my last post. Just heard that she've received it and so glad to hear she likes it too.
Next theme for the SFE is Celtic design for the month of June. Still no clue which to stitch...????

I've been on my feet for more than 9 hours today at work, short of stuff and it's busy as it rained on and off. It's not only my back that's painful but it seems my whole body, glad didn't have to walk the dog tonight as i called earlier this evening to DH not to wait for me for taking the dog out as i am really tired!!So glad i am free till friday!

For the freebie exchange was already stitched only have to finish it off, hope to mail it by friday, i think that is the deadline too.

Thank you all for stopping by, really appreciate all your lovely comments.