Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A good mail day!!

I'll start with the SBEBB Spring Garden Exchange from Stephanie. Isn't this a lovely pinkeep?? From CCN designs which is one of my favorite designer. Received this design now twice, the first one was for birthday exchange last year and also finished into a pinkeep.
Stephanie is also very generous with her extra's, as you can see on this picture.

The Cat's whiskers chart, Hand dyed linnen fabric, a pack of small fabrics, a couple GAST threads, ribbon, 3 different seedlings, and a chocolate. Thanks so much for everything, Stephanie!!

Received these rings from Sandra. This is a wonderful unexpected surprise! Sandra had finished floss ring tag lately and i've left a comment about it and that i will look later where to buy them(haven't found it yet), so i am really happy to receive these. Thanks so much, Sandra!

These needlecase and the sweets are from Helle from Denmark for the Small Finished Exchange at CSE yahoo groups
And this is the front of the needlecase. Thanks so much Hele for this pretty needlecase.

And here's a picture of the pieces i sent to Hele for the exchange. I've already sent the package when i realised the picture i've taken was blurred so sorry for the bad picture.

Thank you all so much for the well wishes. Feel much better than the last days. DH got it now, quite bad! The kids are fine, so far Grace. Haven't seen Chris for two days now as he's staying at one of his friends. I heard they will be here tomorrow and since i am free i think they'll ask to stay here for the next days. These two boys are quite good buddies!!

Also many thanks for visiting and all the lovely comments.


Sandy P said...

Hi Mylene, The gifts are lovely, both given and recieved. Looks like a lot of fun. Sandy P.

Dawn said...

Great gifts!:)

Stephanie said...

I'm glad you liked the exchange - whoops, I should have checked that you didn't receive it before!! It's always a pleasure to put a nice package of goodies together :)

What a lovely mail day you've had!! Hope you and your DH are soon feeling better :)

Lelia said...

WOOT!!! What an awesome mail day. Your exchanges are beautiful : ) Enjoy

Debra said...

Mylene, you recieved some great exchanges. And your finished exchange is very nice. Thanks for all the pictures. Glad to here you are feeling better.
Debra in Indiana

Sachiko said...

What a beautiful gift!

Nelapx said...

Felicidades es hermoso... todos son hermosos

Karan said...

Oh, lovely gifts sent & received Mylene. :0)
Glad you're feeling a little better - hope your DH starts to recover soon too.

Barbara said...

Glad you're feeling better (sorry to hear DH has it) and delighted at the wonderful mail you've received! Have fun and enjoy all your new goodies!

Wanda said...

Lovely exchanges you have received and sent. Sorry to hear you have been under the weather! Hope everyone feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

lovely exchanges both given and received, these exchanges look like a lot of fun!

Meari said...

Beautiful exchanges, Mylene!

Sally said...

Everything is lovely Mylene.I love the pinkeep from Stephanie.

~Julie~ said...

It amazes me how many awesome stitching blogs there are on the internet! I just found another one RIGHT here! Beautiful stitching, and I especially like your biscornus. How difficult was that teeny-tiny one to make??

Thank you for sharing your talent with the blogging community of stitchers! =)