Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hardanger update and a surprise mail!

The big book of Small Doilies
Bellana evenweave 20ct.
DMC perle threads

Another doily is done! Now, i've found a couple big projects that was started years ago. Really a shame, but thinking back i really got bored with them and my interest has been more spent on card making, patchwork for a short while and cross stitching. Haven't done card making and patchwork for a long while now.

I think this one was started more than ten years ago. I cannot even find the threads for it. I'm afraid i've use it for other hardanger projects before. I do like to try and complete this off as it will look good on our kitchen table. It's a boring work on this one though.

(You can click on all pictures to enlarge if you want)

Look at what came with the mail today. I didn't know i won a game, on one of the yahoo groups. I do feel bad as i haven't read about the message that was posted on the group earlier.
That is why, i was really surprise when i got an envelope with a familiar name but not expecting any mail. Thank you, thank you so much, EVA! I LOVE these beautiful designs.

It's raining and very strong winds right at this minute. Actually started around midnight on monday. The next day, my garden is a mess! All the blooms are all scattered around, the standard roses were a bit damage so i transfered them to a safe place.

Thanks so much for stopping by and all the nice comments. I really appreciate them all.


Gaynor said...

It is always nice getting surprises in the post! Very nice!!

Annette said...

What a lovely finisch.
The others WIP's looks nice.
I can't hardanger, but I like to learn it some day, when I got the time.

Here was the weather today reasonable, it was dry, but windy.
Saturday I sowed grass in a shape in the frontlawm, but the bad weather has blown the grass seed away.

Chiloe said...

The weather got bad here too and a lot of my flowers suffered too ... It's actually colder since we got the storm ...

Nice surprise mail ;-)

Doris said...

lovely hardanger, and congratulations for the new stash.

Lula said...

Lucky you! I love suprise post.

Love the big hardanger too... hope you manage to complete it one day

Maggie said...

Lucky you getting a nice supprise in the post!
The hardanger peice looks lovely.

Our weather has changed here too, today has been rather windy, must be getting the back end of some of the storms i've been reading about.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Love the little doilie, congrats on the finish. Hope you can get the other done twoo as they are great. CJ ok;-)

Suzanne said...

Very nice doilies, I am sure you will get great satisfaction from finishing them.

Love prize you received, I am sure that you will enjoy stitching them.

Jackie said...

congrats on the finish. enjoys your prize, lucky you.

Olenka's Stitches said...

All your Hardanger pieces are so lovely, congrats on the pretty finish!
Your prize looks fantastic.
Good luck with your dance class.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Mylene
your stitching is lovely. What a lovely surprise you recieved in the mail. Sorry to hear that storms wrecked your garden. I hope it can be rescued.
Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

I wish I could do hardanger, but I just don't seem to have the knack for it.

Yours is lovely.

Ingrid said...

Congrats on the finish.The hardanger looks lovely.I love hardanger but I can not!Your prize looks great.

Christine said...

Beautiful hardanger Mylene, and congratulations on your prize

CindyMae said...

Your Hardanger work is fabulous! I love the doily! Love the new stash you received in the mail, those designs are just precious!

Tanya said...

I love your finish! Beautiful work.
How lucky you were to win the new stash.

Lillie said...

Nice surprise, enjoy.
Beautiful hardanger project. I believed I do have a project lying around somewhere too ;)
Have a good weekend

Mylene said...

Hi. :) My name is also Mylene. Wanna chat some? Our name is not that common. :)

Julie said...

Lovely surprise, how nice for you.

The hardanger looks beautiful, i hope you get it finished.

Have a lovely weekend.

Ranae said...

Surprise mail days are the bestest, lol.
The doily is so pretty and so are the others.
I hope your are drying out by now

Anonymous said...

I love surprises, but all I seem to get lately is bills LOL. Your hardanger is lovely Mylene.

monique said...

What a lovely present you recieved in the mail.And your hardanger work looks great!
Have a lovely weekend.

glenda said...

Now that's a UFO ;)

congrats on winning the contest, Eva always sends such nice prizes!

Cindy said...

I love hardanger too, but have not master it yet.
You have did a beautiful job!

Meari said...

Congrats on your mail surprise. Your hardanger projects look nice. Good luck on finishing them.

Brigitte said...

Your Hardanger stitching looks so reat. And what a nice surprise. Enjoy!

Karan said...

Finally catching up with your news! Lovely pieces there Mylene & good that you are finishing off the UFO's . You've been really busy! :0)