Monday, May 18, 2009

mattress pincushion & scissorfob for Lynn

Pins& Needles Mattress Pincushion
PS Book No.115
32ct linen & DMC threads

Rose scissorfob
Susan Bates
Cross Stitch Crazy Feb 2004
28ct. linen & DMC threads

I've just read a note from Lynn that she received my package! That was quick to the U.K as i've sent it last friday. Now, i wonder how long the other two packages to the U.S and Canada takes. I had a personal exchange with Lynn and promised to make her a mattress pincushion and i know

she loves roses but i couldn't find an appropriate rose pattern to complete it into a mattress pincushion so i've chosen one of PS designs as she loves that too. And made a scissorfob from one of the roses alphabet in one of the U.K magazines.
I am so happy to hear you like them both Lynn. Over your questions, i will answer them later, i try to take a few pictures of the materials or how i made it. It may take a while though as it will be a busy week ahead.

At this hour i should be at the dance school for ZUMBA! I've joined the trial lessons that was offered for this coming four weeks. It's once a week. But the teacher called this morning that i am placed for tomorrow evening as the group for tonight are quite crowded. I am really excited but don't know what to expect.
CHRIS signed for the gitaar trial lessons which is for two evenings while GRACE signed in for the HIP-HOP dance trial lessons which takes five evenings. Me and Chris will be for tuesday evenings while Grace on wednesday evening.

A couple of standard roses that i bought last week and i would like to put them in pots with some smaller plants but i don't have big pots yet, hope to get those by wednesday as i don't have a car tomorrow.

(You can click on all pictures to enlarge if you want)

Bought some small plants this afternoon: petunias, Verbena's, phlox and one i can't remember the name. oh well, it seems i am spending more on plants these days than on crafts items. Flowers plants didn't interest me much before, ussually luck of time to take care of them but now i want to try.

Here's how my peonies looks like today. I do so love them, such a pity the weather is too cold to sit down outside and admire the flowers!

Thanks so much for visiting and leaving me a comment, and all the links over the hardanger. I really appreciate them all.
Hope you are all having a good week

(the draw is still open until wednesday)


Annie said...

Love your little mattress. And your flowers are really pretty.. hope they hold on for better weather.

And get ready to shake that groove thing in your Zumba class!

Angela P said...

Love the mattress pincushion and fob that you made :) Your flowers look wonderful!

Tanya said...

I would love to take a dance class. Those roses are gorgeous.
Your pincushion is too cute.

Jan said...

Lovely exchange finishes, Mylene. I adore mattress pincushions and this one is great! Your flowers will thrive under your loving care! Have a great rest of the week!

Annette said...

What a lovely mattress and fob.
You made it great.

The flowers are beautifull, I hope your gardens looks nice.

Christine said...

Lovely pincushion Mylene, and your floers look beautiful

Gaynor said...

What a beautiful pin cushion..I have never made one like that, it is lovely!

Doris said...

i love the flowers, your roses are beautiful,and the peonies look so great.

Karan said...

Lovely exchange piece Mylene & those flowers are beautiful. Looks like you are all going to be busy - enjoy the lessons. :0)

Lula said...

lovely exchange pieces...really pretty

Dawn said...

Wonderful finishes!!

Ellen said...

Lovely mattress pincushion and scissors fob! Love your flowers too, they are beautiful.


Ranae said...

Pretty finishes for Lynn.
You better take your stitching with you to all those classes, lol.
Pretty flowers!

Jackie said...

wow, you guys are sure re having fun. i never tried signing up for dance class b4. Jayne is hoping to find a class for the hip-hop but no luck !!

Guitar is fun, learned that in my school days. But lazy bugs bite on me hence didnt master it well..

Pls stand-by the insert repellent for Chris.

Loved those roses. how i wish i can grow them here.

and not forgetting your exchange gifts. they are lovely. Nice finishing. Mind to teaching me a trick or two ??

Shari said...

the stitching is beautiful as always Mylene. You are such a giving, caring person.
The flowers are so pretty. you must be having the same icky weather as us. Too cold to be outside too much!

CindyMae said...

Beautiful Beautiful work!! I love them both! You just inspired me to make my first scissor fob as well!

Von said...

A very sweet exchange, Mylene!

Can't wait to see your roses all potted up - it'll be beautiful. :)

Olenka's Stitches said...

This is a very lovely exchange, Mylene!
I love your mattress pincushion - the finishing is gorgeous!
Wow, the flowers are so pretty, love your Peonies. It seems to me the flowers you forgot the name are Portulaca.

Sally said...

Beautiful finishes Mylene!

Wendy said...

The stitching is really wonderful! You did a great job on it.

Lovely plants you have bought. I also love to have plants in our garden.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pincushion and fob, Lynn must be delighted! It sounds like your whole family are going to busy!

Julie said...

Beautiful plants for the garden, it will look so lovely.
Great design for the mattress pincushion!

Lindsay-ann said...

Your pin cushion is beautiful. I love your flowers too, they will make your garden very summery. Good look with the dance lessons. Have fun.

Tama said...

Thought I would post quick while my internet is allowing me to do so :D
Everything looks wonderful - I love the little tomato/pincushion! I've been admiring your stitching very much even though I haven't been able to say so!
and I have some peonies just like that! lovely!!!

Siobhan said...

Beautiful exchanges! Your flowers are lovely.

Cindy said...

Both the pincushion and fob are so beautifully done. Love it!

Your flowers are blooming so well. Great to admire them in real life :)

CindyMae said...

Absolutely gorgeous stitching and finishing!!! Love the flowers so bright and pretty!

CJ Peck said...

Hi Mylene -

I love your flower and your pincushion. Do you have instructions on how to make one? I would love to give it a try. As usual your work is fabulous.

Maddy*Moo said...

Oh i just love your mattress block and fob! they are both gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Lovely ornaments Mylene.

I love your peony. Mine only ever flowers every 3 years.