Thursday, November 03, 2005

Don't really feel well today..

Haven't done much today as i had planned, cleaning especially. After lunch i just feel cold and put on a vest over my long sleeve shirt while dh has only a shirt on. I lie down on the couch and try to sleep but can't so just did some reading. DH went to pick up Chris from school after three and then he went off to one of his clients. Really glad he is home as i don't like to go out with the weather right now. Rainy and very strong winds. Chris wanted to watch tv so we settled down on the couch and i manage to stitch a bit. It was one of the Lizze Kate designs: Only dull women have immaculate home. Here's a pic of the rr i finished last week and the sachet for an exchange.


Nann said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Mylene....I love that L*K design you are stitching. If I ever find the time I want to do that.

Mylene said...

Thank you Nann. I am really glad i feel better today, thought i got the bugs going around but luckily not. I work on cards today, cutting actually for 3D.