Friday, November 04, 2005

X'mas package and b-day cards

I received a package from one of my penpals today and it says on the envelope to open it on the 25th of dec...but what is the date today..?? I am really eager and curious and received two b-day cards as well, my b-day is the 24th of Dec. I think i better hide it all in a box and wait...

Anyway, today; instead of stitching i did some cutting for 3D for christmas cards, still a lot to go though, perhaps this weekend but i need to stitch as well...hope i have enough time....

We went to the library early this evening, it's for the kids since the weather is not for outside activity and our eldest starts t read a lot and we encourage the youngest to take books too and then we will read it for him. They are hooked playing games at their computer, if not there game boys but we have to limit the time they spend on those games.

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