Tuesday, November 15, 2005

More shopping done today...

I've been shopping today and came home quite late, the children are already in bed so the items are still here in the living room, will hide it later before turning in. I really need to sit down as my feet are so painful, my own fault the shoes i used wasn't the type for long day walking. Atleast, i am now nearly done with the gifts for the children for SINTERKLAAS. The Sint and Pieten are arriving here on texel coming saturday so from then on they can sing infront of there shoes in the evening and then expect some small gifts from sint & Piet the next morning. Since it still a long way before the real gift giving day which is the 5th of December, we told the kids that they will sing every other evening.

But first we still have Chris birthday the 1st of December, poor boy he has to wait a year for all the gifts and all but because it winter time for both occassion and mostly nice things to give are for the summer time we just buy it then, thinking we will give less on his birthday....but as i can see what we had bought for his birthday like the "Playmobiel Dragon Castle"which has cost 80.00 euros plus a few small wasn't cut off at all. He really wanted this one though i tried to discourage him and better more on Lego's and K'nexx as he has lots of that already but he really wanted Playmobiel.

As for Grace, she is collecting Diddles items so i bought a few items of that, a DVD, a few games she has listed on and next week will buy the new Harry Potter book number six for her. I think the Dutch version is coming out this saturday.

For dh, better not mention here as i am not sure if he read this blog or not. Since he knows all about.
He's been asking about my list though since not only Chris who's birthday in December, me too...the day before x'mas day. A pity i can't list anything about Stash(cross stitch). But there are other things like books, perfumes...


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