Monday, November 07, 2005

WHEW! I'm tired...

Just came home from work half an hour ago, had heard all the events from dh for the day here while i am away, he has called up his mother to look after the youngest early this evening as he went to "condoleren"(sorry can't get the right explanation in English at the moment). Grace has chess club every monday but we noticed before that her brother has more interest with it than her and we asked the leader of the club if he can join too. He'll be six the beginning of December and tonight, dh heard Chris can start next monday. So, he's so excited!!
I would like to show a pic of the cards i had finished the beginning of last week. Two stitched one and a 3D's. I wasn't able to finished the one i had planned yesterday as we've been out for a visit.
Oh and added my progress of one of my recent WIP.


Jersey Mom said...

Hey Mylene,
Your cards are wonderful and so is your WIP, which I'm sure you'll have done in no time at all!

Sew-in-Love said...

Well done on your WIPs, Mylene! I'll trade you the 'dull women' chart when you're done, if you like!!!!

Hugs, Elisabeth=)