Saturday, November 19, 2005

Small finishes!!!

Here's a quick update on my stitching this week. They are now ready for the post on monday. Still a few more things for exchanges but can't place the pic here yet. Not much progress as i wanted as it's very busy here. I am glad dh went alone to the birthday party tonight, now i am trying to organise the clutter of my hobbies especially the items for making cards. I am afraid i don't have much time this coming days for 3d's. If possible if i can get the chance i would like to try to make an ornament for myself. I am really envious whenever i see one completed those x'mas ornaments!!!

Sinterklaas came in today on the island. We are very lucky the harbour is very near where we live about five minutes with the bike. While we were waiting for the boat to come it started to rain and we didn't got any umbrella. Whew, it was coooooold.At that moment i think we are crazy standing there patiently waiting for him to arrive and as always he is late. They know the weather is bad and lots of kids are waiting still they don't try to come on time. We didn't stay long after he arrived as i can't feel my feet anymore...Later this afternoon, there's an special one organise for the children here in the village where the Sint and Zwarte Pieten can be with the children. It's organise from school, so every groups has to present a kind of show.

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