Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Country Companions

I thought the next rr i am going to work on was forever friends but it wasn't, it was of country companions. Here's what i've done so far. I find it a bit difficult to stitch it at night and the last days was pretty dark at daytime.

To have a break with the cc piece, i stitched this simple bookmark from the chart that my ss had sent last month.
Haven't done any stitching last weekend, saturday i went to the cinema with Grace to see Harry Potter 4. And the next day, to MIL's place. Our children don't feel comfortable there especially that there other cousins didn't come so we didn't stayed long. Back home and had a simple lunch and then went to SIL's place as we haven't seen them the beginning of January. There children are grown up and out the house. We took the gameboys for Grace and Chris so they've been palying with that, at least they weren't bored!

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Sew-in-Love said...

Love your current WIPs, Mylene! I'm just about to post my latest finish on my blog etc too...

Hugs, Elisabeth=)