Monday, January 16, 2006

Just a few pics...

Received this one back last week, this is a part of my roundrobin last year that wasn't filled. One of the group offered to stitched another pic which was this one. I still need two more blocks to complete the serie i wanted on my piece.

I was looking through some of the magazines for a block i want to stitch when i came across this unfinished project. I remember i started this one the year 2004, i don't know why i haven't completed it. But i will do soon.

I finished this celtic block before the weekend, it was a freebie of american whimsy, i just wish i had done it in another colour than this one. Well i was in a hurry to complete it so i just followed the given colours.

This card was finished last week too, but can't post the pic earlier till it was received. I am sure by now it was already in the U.K.


Sew-in-Love said...

Whew! Someone's been busy! That's not the angel they have on the Hardanger Yahoo group homepage, is it??

I haven't done a stitch for about 10 days. Shame on me!=)


Mylene said...

Hi Elisabeth, you're quick and thanks so much for signing in. I am really glad somebody is reading/looking at my blog.
Just had a look around which hardanger yahoo group you mean, found it(i am not a member there) but i saw the pic on the homepage, no it is not the same.
Hey, don't feel too bad for not stitching a while, i am trying to work or complete items as much as possible before the end of January. The beginning of February, will be back to work again....

Von said...

Hi Mylene! You do have readers out here,lol!
Would love to see a finish on that hardanger piece - beautiful work so far!

Dawn said...

That is soo cute! Is it a Margret Sherry design?

Sorry I haven't commented lately but my hubby's computer is being fixed and he has taken over mine lately.

Sew-in-Love said...

I know what you mean. It's lovely to know that people are looking at your blog and it makes me feel a but guilty for not up-dating mine more often with good pix etc!!! I'm afraid my 'regulars' will get bored and stop coming. Sigh!


Juanita - aka flosslady said...

Looks like you've been quite busy! I'll keep an eye out for the HD when you complete your angel.