Friday, January 20, 2006

I've been stitching more...!!

First of all 'thanks so much for visiting and signing on in my blog'. Sometimes, i am not in the mood for blogging for i don't know if anyone's coming in for a look. And sometimes the language barrier, there are times that what i wanted to write- thinking in dutch but can't get to translate it in good english version. So puts me off sometimes, i just hope whatever my mistakes here you all will understand. I can speak a few different languages but not fluently especially in writing, face to face conversation i can handle that but to put in another matter.

Okey, here's what i had done so far with the hardanger, the weaving/picot. The last thing will be the cutting now. I have to wait till i am alone, i mean the children are not around otherwise i can get easily distracted with whatever they needed to ask or want.

Two more blocks completed for the yahoo groups. It seems all my projects these days were all small ones. Perhaps, i have to dig where i hide some of the ufo's, i am sure there are big ones there needed to be work on.


Sew-in-Love said...

Hi Mylene!

Know what you mean!

Hey! If you're not sure, then write it in Dutch too! I'll appreicate the challenge at least!=) I promise not to do mine in Chinese though!

Lovely work! Hoping to get some stitching done myself this afternoon.....



Von said...

Hi Mylene! Your English is wonderful, have no fear about that!! You could post in both languages too - I've seen other bloggers do that. I sometimes also use babel fish to translate blogs for me. It's just so much fun to get to know stitchers from all parts of the world :)
Please feel free to add my blog to your list - it's an honor :) And I'll do the same with yours!