Friday, April 21, 2006

A bit update from here....

Our youngest son is sick again, well a couple of weeks ago he has chicken pox. Since wednesday late afternoon he has been playing outside with his friends, it was then very windy and cold, suddenly he came home crying and said his head is painful. We thought he had fallen off or something but he said not at all. I settled him on the couch and after half an hour he's so warm. We took his temperature and it was quite high(38.9) so we gave him medicine. The next morning(yesterday), he seems fine and much as he want to go to school we didn't let him. In the afternoon his temperature is high again.
This morning when he woke up he's fine and played with Raymon, the little boy i take care on friday mornings, after lunch he slept on the couch for about half an hour. An hour after he woke up he's temperature is high again so we are now puzzeled why. If it goes on this weekend, we are going to take him to the doctor.

Well, hope everyone have a nice weekend.

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Von said...

Mylene, I hope your son is better today and you haven't had to make a trip to the doctor. These fevers can be such a puzzling thing sometimes when there doesn't seem to be a reason for them. Most times I find that if I let the fever do its job, my child soon recovers, as long as there aren't other worrisome symptoms and the fever isn't extreme. Moms usually know when to see the doctor. :)