Sunday, April 09, 2006

What a busy day yesterday! DH celebrated his birthday and since it is saturday a lot of friends and family came. It was nearly 2AM when the last visitors left last night.
I woke up with a headache and feeling dizzy yesterday morning, i think from luck of sleep as i got up early, past 7am. It was because Grace have swimming lesson, when she was picked up at nine i went back to bed and rest for about an hour. When i got up around ten, i felt much better. Went downstairs and found dh doing the vacuming which i was glad as i needed to prepare more things before visitors arrived, especially the tomato soup. When that was done, a couple of friends from the mainland called that they are arriving with the 12 o'clock ferry so off was dh to pick them up. It's about ten minutes drive from the house to the ferry.
At around 3pm, when most of the visitors arrived, friends and families. We haven't expected it that most came in the afternoon, as ussually most come in the evening. So i wasn't really prepared for and living room is really ful, was difficult to have a clear conversation i mean on my part as i am more busy for drinks and all the snacks. Well, everyone's enjoying themself. At around six when one after the other are leaving. And friends from the mainland took the 8pm ferry. While dh took them to the ferry, i tried to washed the dishes, wasn't done with it and the next visitors for the evening came in. At least, it wasn't so busy as in the afternoon so i was able to settle down too and had a nice chat with everyone.
Oh well, everyone likes the snacks...actually they always expected that i will make different snacks. For cake/tart, most try to skip it so i don't make much of it.

We heard last night that the easter parade is today and Chris wants to join but we didn't prepared anything. Glad it was in the afternoon so this morning dh decorate the stick for Chris and accompanied him for the parade. I have to stay home as i have lots of ironing, cleaning and tidying up to do. Have to work the coming days and i prefer that these are done otherwise it will have to wait until the middle of the week. Here's a couple of pics that dh had taken of the parade.


Von said...

What a busy time, Mylene!! Sounds like in between the busyness, you did have a chance to visit with your friends. Now, do you get a day off to recover?! You deserve it!

Mylene said...
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