Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Can't believe it but....'s nearly a week that i haven't stitch and i really miss it. After working last of couple of days, it was toooooo busy and ended up working long hours. About nine hours each day. On our half hour coffee break, still have to work through. Lots of tourist around, were most are Germans. I think Easter break started. Here in Holland, schools have only friday and monday off.
I woke up this morning with terrible headache, helped Grace till she left for school after eight, Chris have no school on wednesdays. When Grace left i went back to bed and try to rest, after an hour my heads still hurts so i went downstairs and took a couple paracetamol. If possible i don't like to take medecines, but sometimes i think it is really needed.

The day is nearly over and i haven't done much, still lots of ironing to be done and other household works.


AnneS said...

Sorry to hear you're still not well ... but your stitching will be waiting for you when you get better :) Look after yourself and give your body the recovery time it needs :D

Judith said...

Hi Mylene, I will be on Texel in May. I think I won;t have time to meet you as I will be there with my whole family.