Sunday, February 03, 2008

I am an illiterate when it comes to ......

....solving problems i encounter with the computer! For days now i am trying to update my hardanger Startpagina and always end up with an error so i just closed and thought to try it another time but it goes on for days until i received a warning so i cannot put it off any longer. I finally asked DH to help out and he found out quite quickly..oh though with a couple of bad words! As there was some changes i didn't follow through last year. hmmm.... my lessons to be more alert!
With all that, it means it has lessen my time for stitching as well as catching on blogs and groups! And works starts for me tomorrow so it's not much to show off.

I've worked a bit of these two for the ILCS blocks and did finished a scissor

fob for a Valentines scissor fob exchange on one of the yahoo groups here in Holland but can't show the picture yet.

That reminds me of the scissor fob i sent for the Hooked on Exchanging nearly two weeks now and still waiting if it has arrive or not. It does worries me now!

Received this block from Betty of ILCS for my friendship quilt. I LOVE it. Thanks so much, Betty!

Now i am off to try and catch up on the groups and blogs before turning in, if i haven't comment to all please bare with me i will do it this coming days.

Before turning off here, our weekend was spent going to birthdays. Yesterday, after Chris football we've been to the mainland for a friends b-day and today to another friend's b-day here on the island. I think one more birthday for this month and then March is more hectic with b-days!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Elisabeth Braun said...

There's more to life than blogging, Mylene. Take it easy!=)

Karan said...

Nice progress on Your WIP's.
Don't fret Mylene - you fit things in when you can when life gets busy (((hugs))).

Dawn said...

Everything looks wonderful! Have a good week:)

Lillie said...

You've made some great progress.
I am waiting for my partner's reply on the fob too...getting anxious by the day.

Have a good week, take care

Barbara said...

Oh, birthdays!!! They're never-ending! LOL!

Love your stitching - both what you've done and what you've received. :D

tkdchick said...

YOur WIPs are looking good!

Sally said...

Lovely WIPS and I love the block you received from Betty.