Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Now i am in trouble...!! en LHN update

There are 7 out of 10 who had left comments with my last post who wanted to join the draw for the fobs. Now, i find it difficult to make a draw to send these fob out....i made a decision to make three more, but these four will be send out immediately to the first who had commented to join in the draw: Dawn, Judy, Chris & Deanne. For the next 3 will be send out later.
I have Dawn's address, could the others send me your snail mail address to:

Thanks so much for all the kind comments.

Karan, i like and enjoy making things so i have to learned to part things out or else they'll just be in boxes around here. Though honestly i still have with regards to my card making, i have one box full of what i've made which i can't part with and now that i stopped making them these will stay as my remembrance.

Shari, i've been off work or rather we were closed last month and just opened up beginning of february, it is not that busy yet so i am taking my chance and doing some stitching, might not be for long anymore as easter is coming soon. Quite early this year and if weather stays good, i'll be busy outside even if i am not a gardener i have to tend the small garden we have!

An update of LHN "Stitcher Prayers"! And again the last for a while as i don't have the DMC 3866 and i also run out of the green ones too.


Barbara said...

I suspected your fobs would be in great demand! :D

Doris said...

that happen for make beautiful fobs ;)

Sally said...

Love your LHN piece. it's coming along beautifully.

Dawn said...

Nice progress on your LHN piece:)

Carol said...

Yay! Thanks Mylene :-)

Lillie said...

Great looking fobs and your Stitcher prayers is looking good.

Karan said...

It would be sad of they ended up in boxes, so guess it's best you send them where they can be on display. :0)
Nice progress on the LHN.

Wanda said...

Your LHN is looking good! Of course you would get a great response for your fobs who wouldn't want one.