Saturday, February 09, 2008

LHN design

I've finished stitching my february christmas ornament but not sure yet how to finish it off. The woodland snowfall from JCS 2004. Used DMC colours on 32ct light blue linnen.

Taken a couple of pictures of Chris football game this morning. It was such a sunny day today so i took my camera with me, ussually it was dark just like last weekend,

it was on and off rain so we had expected it would be cancelled. They had played and won the game. Afterwards, we heard that they were the only one who hasn't cancelled the game the rest of the competitions of other groups for that saturday has been cancelled.

They didn't won the game today though..3-2 but they played good and done their best.

After the game and had a cup of coffee, one of the mother's whom i ussually goes out for a walk once a week asked if i will walk back home instead. The fathers took the kids home and we've walked which took us one and a half hour, not much but it was midday and the others back home needed lunch. DH wanted to go out as well for a walk so after lunch we took off for an hour as we expected visitors who has called this morning if we are home in the afternoon so we said yes at around 3:30pm. We were late of 5 minutes but the door is open as the kids are playing football at the playground nearby, our visitors were already sitting in our living room when we came in. They are our nearby neighbours so we know each other quite well.

Yesterday was a sunny day too, but the morning was started by a family member who came by and had a cup of coffee, after lunch we took off to get some groceries and thought to go out for a walk when we get back but coming back home, a friend came by for a chat so the day's over and haven't done much at all.

Anyway, hope everyone are having a great weekend!


Doris said...

i am glad that you have a good days!,,
here is sunny, but the wether man say the next week the snow is coming..

Barbara said...

It sounds like such a cozy weekend, Mylene! I love the idea of neighbors just coming in and sitting down - LOL! It's too uptight where we live. Or maybe I'm too uptight!! LOL!

Great football pictures. So far, none of our kids are interested in football, but Nicky is young yet ...

Christine said...

Sounds like a lovely kind of day.
I love your Ornament

Karan said...

Love the LHN finish.
Sounds like you had a great weekend. I enjoyed our Sunday better than Saturday - so did my DH. LOL :0)
We daren't leave our doors unlocked here - there'd be nothing left in the house when we got back!

Shari said...

I love that piece!!! It looks great!!! Oh & to see that outside warmth!! It is so cold & yucky here! I am so ready for spring!!!!

Sally said...

Your LHN finish is lovely. Looking forward to seeing how you finish it.

kaghos said...

I love what you did the scissor case turned out nicely.