Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Packages sent and received!

Just notice it's nearly a week since my last post! Hmmm, days really passes by so quickly. Oh well, i did refrain myself to log on my computer as i wanted to finish/work on some projects especially the PIF's. I had a bit of trouble with the finishing but they are all done now and infact they are on their way to their destinations. Can't show any picture yet till they are receive and do hope they will like it.

The first batch of fobs were also on their way, the other three are nearly to it's completion too so hopefully they will follow before the weekend.

Received my order from Annemiek of Handwerk Boetiek and wow! I love the Blue Ribbon Designs, wish i can start it soon but i am afraid i have to work on a couple of exchanges first and try to lower down my WIP's projects on the go.

Also received this beautiful block from Sharyl for my Friendship quilt. I love it. Thanks so much, Sharyl.

Helen, here's the link of thefreebie. It was actually finished it off into a biscornu but i had stitched it on a higher count and i find it too big for a biscornu.

Debra, you can have a look at Linda's Tutorial.
She did a great job with it. Very neat and clear pictures to follow. Thanks so much, Linda for sharing the scissor-case tutorial.

Took this picture last sunday during our visit at MIL's place. Sometimes Chris can't play or do something alone like that morning so try to find a way to get an attention but i like this picture of father and son.

Thanks so much everyone for stopping by and leaving comments, also the positive reactions about the button i had used.


Debra said...

Mylene, thank you so much for the link! Love the father and son picture.
Debra in Indiana

Doris said...

is a beautiful picture!.

and congratulations for your new stash :D

Lillie said...

Father and son looks so handsome together.
Great stash there! Enjoy

Shari said...

Your blog is always so inspiring Mylene..your work is great! You are such a giving stitcher!!! Keep up the great stitching. I love the picture of father/son. They grow up so fast!!!!

Sally said...

Lovely new stash Mylene.

I love the picture of father and son:)

Barbara said...

I just love that father and son picture!

Enjoy your new stash!

Elisabeth Braun said...

Kids need a LOT of time from their parents, so this is a serious quality time shot!=)

Carol R said...

You've been tagged! Come visit me.

Karan said...

Great pic of your DH & DS Mylene. :0)
Very nice stash haul too, especially the BR chart.
Lovely quilt block too, so pretty.
BTW, thanks for the links - have bookmarked them for future use. :0)

Dawn said...

Great picture of DH and DS!!