Friday, October 31, 2008

Last pictures!

These will be my last pictures for a while as i am sure you have enough of all my finishes that i've posted the last days.
We are out this weekend and next week i would like to try and finish some x'mas stitching but can't show it.

Finally finished this into an ornament today, thought better do it before this month's end so can post it for the x'mas SAL ornaments!
Christine's idea into a No-Sew Cube, like that one too but i don't have the needed materials like styrofoam and haven't done one like it so i needed quite time to do it.

I think you'll see this backing more often as i don't have many choices to use that goes with the finished stitching. With most that i have ready to be finish, this is the only backing that can be use.

Just read that Elaine received the Small Finished Exchange(SFE,yahoo group). Her theme was owls or snowman and i had chosen owls and finished it into a pinkeep. Glad to hear it reached you safely and that you like it, Elaine.

I've finished these two into a flatfold end of September and just noticed that Helga shown the winter one on her site. For anyone who wants to have a look you can see it here , at the christmas and winter theme.

Helga Mandl design
Autumn flatfold
28ct. evenweave, light blue
DMC threads

Helga Mandl design
Winter flatfold
28ct. Belfast linen
DMC threads

I hope everyone have a wonderful weekend! And many thanks for visiting especially to those who take the time to leave a comment.


Annie said...

Great finishes, Mylene. I love Helga's 4 Seasons SAL pieces. I haven't stitched them yet, but I intend to at some point.

Meari said...

Great finishes, Mylene!

Barbara said...

I never tire of seeing your finishes, Mylene - though I do wonder just how you manage to do such a lot of fabulous stitching and finishing!

Debra said...

Wow you are busy with the finishings. They are all great. Thanks for the pictures.
Debra in Indiana

Ellen said...

Love your pinkeeps and flatfolds. I have Helga's 4 seasons designs but only a quarter done.

Petra said...

You finished it beautifully!

Christine said...

Great finishes Mylene, and no, I don't get ever tired of seeing them :)

Anonymous said...

I love looking at your finishes. They all are beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Sally said...

There are so many posts I have missed Mylene. I am so sorry. Everything you have stitched and received recently is absolutely gorgeous.

Daffycat said...

Wonderful stitching...I especially LOVE that little owl!

Vickie said...

Very cute finishes..Mylene you always do a great job!

Stitchingranny said...

Both stitching and finishing are beautiful as always Mylene.

Hazel said...

Great finshes!! xx

Olenka's Stitches said...

your flat folds are so pretty, perfect finish!

glenda said...

Jingle Sparkle Joy turned out great! Your flatfolds are so well done. You really do nice work, Mylene :)

Anonymous said...
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