Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mattress Pincushion & PS exchange

WOW! i just jump up with joy when i log on and saw Margie's note. The kids ran to me asking what happened...? Oh my, i do feel lucky at this very moment knowing the package i sent for the HOE Prairie Schooler arrived. It's been four weeks since i've sent and it has bothered me for a couple of weeks now.

Aside from that package, the mattress pincushion for the HOE also reach INA(no blog) as well as the Scissor fob to Barbara . I am really happy to hear all these good news.

Now i better search where my pictures are to show and then back to join the kids watching a movie. I promise them some popcorn and that they can stay longer tonight.

Mattress Pincushion
Prairie Schooler Book No. 115
28ct linen
DMC threads

This is the whole package i sent to Margie's for the Prairie Schooler at HOE. I rather not add lots of items to my package especially no sweets afraid it might get hold elsewhere and another reason is the cost of postage outside Europe is very expensive. I just hope my partners will understand. It does puts me off to join more exchanges as i feel guilty of not much enclosing items to my package.

Mattress Pincushion & floss ring tag
Les grilles de Maryse
32ct linen
DMC thread

This is the whole package i sent to INA for the Mattress Pincushion at HOE.

Hope you won't mind i copied your picture Barbara as i haven't taken one before sending it.

Off to join the kids and hope to catch up later. Hope everyone's having a good weekend!


Barbara said...

Lovely stitching, Mylene! Glad my camera was cooperative this morning... ;)

Shari said...

woohoo!!!! Wonderful news that your exchanges arrived at their destinations!!! It is so scary sending packages to other countries, waiting to hear they arrived safely!
Enjoy your movie & popcorn with the kids!!!!! I don't eat supper on Sunday night...I make popcorn & that is supper!!

Annie said...

You must be so relieved that your packages arrived safely. Such beautiful stitching should not get lost. Personally, I like the stitching part of exchanges best and I wish the whole craze for swaps had not escalated to require one to send so much extra stuff.

If you ever want to do a 'stiched piece' only one-on-one exchange with me, just drop me a line on my blog.

Barbara said...

Glad your exchanges made it safely to the recipients. Your stitching pieces are lovely. I think what you send for exchanges is great. I really wish people wouldn't get so carried away & send so much extras in the exchanges. It makes it tough on us who are on limited incomes.
Barb in TX

Tracy said...

Great stitching Mylene I think what you sent is just perfect, after all the exchange is about the stitching and not what extras you get they are just a little added bonus and the exchange guidlines always state you don't have to include any extras

Sally said...

So pleased your exchange pieces finally reached their destinations. They are all gorgeous:)

Julie said...

Lovely exchanges, what a relief it finally arrived safely.

Debra said...

wonderful stitching.
Debra in Indiana

glenda said...

You send fabulous packages! I shouldn't think you have a thing to worry about ;)

Betty said...

I love the mattress pincushion! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news that your exchanges arrived at their destinations.
Mattress pincushion! It's Good!