Monday, October 20, 2008

Packages arriving here in return!!!

See this gorgeous Needleroll made by Shelley P. for the HOE Needleroll exchange! So perfectly stitched and finished and the design is from Prairie Schooler, one of my favorite designer. I just LOVE it!!

Here's a picture of the whole package. Aren't i the lucky one, to receive such a great great package! There is just so many to name and almost all from my wishlist. You really spoiled me. Thank you so much Shelley for everything!!

Here's what i received from Ulla for the SBEBB Halloween Exchange. What a coincidence also the stitched design from Prairie Schooler. I just LOVE the ornament Ulla, a great addition for my halloween collections.

And such wonderful goodies enclosed too. I love everything!! Thank you so much, Ulla.

Received this cute scissor fob from Henderica for the scissor fob exchange of the Yahoo Borduurpaleis group. Many thanks Henderica!!

You are all probably wondering what i am working on these days but almost all for exchanges so can't show any pictures aside from this, The Sun! I am behind on this one too as i haven't followed the others for 4 weeks lately so i am trying to catch up. I think the others who've been working on this one are nearly to it's completion.

Thank you all for your kind comments with my previous posts about my finishes. Your visits and comments mean so much.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful exchange items!

Debra said...

Great exchanges. Your wip is looking good.
Debra in Indiana

Olenka's Stitches said...

Lovely exchanges! You've done a great job on your WIP, pretty stitching.

Lillie said...

Wonderful exchanges.The sun is a beauty.

Barbara said...

Such lovely exchange items you've received, Mylene. I stitched the owl design ornament for the SanManville HalloFall exchange. Your sun WIP is looking good.
Barb in TX

glenda said...

Wow! You received some beautiful items. You were really spoiled :)
I like the sun - looking forward to seeing it finished.

Ulla said...

I am glad you liked my ornament!

Dollfin said...

What fabulous exchange pieces - they are all lovely. I can see why you are 'Hooked on Exchanges'! You must love to see the postman on his way ;o)

Your sun picture is great as well - have you been working on it a long time?

Betty said...

Your sun looks fantastic! I am sure you can hardly wait til it's finished!

Linda said...

You have to see these things in person. I just received my scissor fob and it is lovely! What a beautiful little piece with a cute pumpkin, bat, and lots of tiney beads on the sides. Beautiful and thank you. You always stitch some of the nicest and loveliest things.
Lynn in TX, USA