Thursday, October 30, 2008

SBEBB Pumpkin Patch

I've just heard that Jean received the exchange i've sent to her. WOW! It seems going to Singapore travels faster than going to the U.S.A. Since i am still waiting for a couple of packages that was sent to there long before i've sent this parcel to Asia. So glad to hear you like it, Jean.

Blessed Be Mattress Pincushion
by Plum Pudding Needleart
32 ct. linen
DMC Threads

Looking back from some of my pictures last month and seen this card that i've made for Grace birthday. She's the one who is crazy of chocolates! Atleast she's quite active like going to school with the bike everyday, plus she's in the Swimming club and Street Dance.

Took these pictures too a couple of weeks ago at our backyard. I had noticed i had lots of pink colours around. Glad there's not much damage after the bad weather the last days, just a pity we can't sit outside anymore to enjoy it.
Infact i've cleaned the table and chairs and packed up inside yesterday.

Thank you al so much for stopping by and all the lovely comments, also to all who offers help regarding the threads and ideas regarding the finishing. I really appreciate them all. Will try to send notes back later this week. Still haven't finish the pieces, don't know yet actually...

oh before i forget, i am still waiting to hear from the 1st prize winner for my bloggerversary which was: Laurie G P in NE. If i will not here from you till sunday, i think i have to pick another winner.


Annie said...

Excellent pin cushion finish

It's chilly here too. I'm sorry to say good-bye to warm weather.

Maddy*Moo said...

Gorgeous pin cushion. Lovely work.

CJ said...

Mylene -

Beautiful pincushion, as usual you do great work.


Dawn B. said...

Great finish's and love the flowers

Ellen said...

Love your mattress pincushion, I have yet to make one like that. I am going to finish my Blessed Be as a Bourse. I love the flowers too.

Cindy said...

Very pretty and neat pincushion. Excellent exchange!

Love your beautiful plants too.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Lovely pincushion - I'm so lucky to have one myself!!

Debra said...

The card and cushion are so cute. Congrats on your finishings.
Debra in Indiana

Anonymous said...

Your pincushion & card are sooo pretty. I am sure your friend loves the exchange pkg she got. Looking forward to seeing how you finish your other pieces.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Ranae said...

Lucky! Jean, What a wonderful package and the pincushion just tops it off.

glenda said...

The pincushion turned out really well!

Ranae said...

awesome exchange gift, fabulous pincushion