Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Prairie Schooler exchange fr. Jen & SFE fr. Elaine

Here's a few pictures of the exchange i received from Jen, for the Prairie Schooler Exchange. Jen finished it into the tiny basket, it is just sooooo cute!! Thanks so much Jen as well as all the extra's enclosed. I love everything!

Here's a picture of the pinkeep made by Elaine, for the SFE(Small finished Exchange) at ILCS yahoo group. Thanks so much Elaine for this lovely pinkeep.

These two lovely items are good additional for my autumn item collections(just started) that are on display right now.

My PS exchange isn't receive yet while i've sent it more than 3 weeks now. A couple of halloween exchanges are also on its way as well as the mattress pincushion. So, nothing to show yet from me.

DH just got a call that he'll have to go on thursday isntead of tomorrow morning.


Jen said...

I am so happy that you liked the basket. I thought it was a really cute piece.

Barbara said...

Very pretty projects, Mylene! I hope you and DH enjoyed some time together since work was postponed a day! :D

Olenka's Stitches said...

Pretty autumn gifts, enjoy!

Lillie said...

Adorable exchange.

Sally said...

Both of those exchanges are lovely Mylene. There's no wonder you like them so much.

Karan said...

Lovely exchange pieces & gifts - the basket is so cute! :0)

Linda said...

Your flatfolds and ornament are just adorable. And the kids aren't bad either!! What cuties.

glenda said...

The basket you received is so cute!