Sunday, March 19, 2006

Edited for pics!!!!

Just came back from the beach & want to see my mails and to post a brief note here. Weather is still cold & cloudy, but at least no wind so we had a nice long walk at the beach. Tried to upload a couple of pics but blogger won't let me, well perhaps later tonight.

It's a quiet weekend for us so was able to sleep in today until about half past ten. Children came down earlier and played with there computer, glad Grace been reading a book while Chris played at the computer otherwise they've been fighting and we'd been down earlier too. Was up till after two last night, reading a book, had a pause for sudoku and also did manage to stitch a couple of small charts for cards. Just can't upload it.

Oh well, better go and join the kids watching ice age!!

Glad blogger work fine with me tonight and shows the pics. The first two are Grace & Chris and dh.
And the cards completed this weekend for march birthdays, nearly late with these though. Glad it will reach them just in time for their birthday or rather glad the post reach here in a day or two.


Von said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend, Mylene. Do try to post the photos again later. Sometimes Blogger does give us problems. :(

Dawn said...

The pictures are beautiful!! When blogger gives me troubles I use Photobucket. :)

AnneS said...

Blogger is a pain sometimes for not uploading photos - same as Dawn, I use Photobucket as my backup :) Your latest cards are lovely - as are your RR pieces and the exchange blocks - you've been busy! :D Sorry I haven't been posting for a while, I'm only just getting caught up with blogs since my visitors have gone!