Sunday, March 26, 2006

A quick stitch!

Here's my quick finished today while watching dvd with Chris. A brittercup designs. Chris has the 'chicken pox' so we stayed home. We are suppose to go to MIL's place for a cup of coffee and then for a walk at the small forest here. If possible we try to go out on sundays, just the four of us otherwise the kids just playing games at their computer. If the weather's better then they can be outside but eventhough we always try to take them out or something.
We went to a friend's birthday at the mainland yesterday. After half an hour drive after the ferry, Chris started vomitting and we still have to drive more than an hour. I am so glad i had a plastic bag as we cannot just stopped along the highway. He did it a couple of times so we thought of driving back to home but he says he feels better, he has just eaten too much for breakfast. So we went ahead. The drive back went well too and before driving to the ferry we went to mc donalds first as we had promised that morning. We don't have mc donalds here on the island so whenever we are at the mainland the kids really like to go to one.

Here's what i had done so far with this one. I really had difficulty doing the picot, it is done but i am not satisfied with it. Thanks Von for the idea about putting in beads instead, i can always change it later.


Von said...

What a cute, quick design to stitch, Mylene!
Sorry Chris got sick on your trip yesterday. It's good to take it easy today.
Your hardanger project is really pretty. Who is the designer?

Isabelle said...

Both projects are so pretty, Mylene. I really love that Hardanger piece.

Dawn said...

I almost bought that pattern last time I was at the LNS! Now after seeing it done I am going to have to go back and get it. It looks great!! Your hardanger is beautiful,too.

Sew-in-Love said...

Looks good to my, Mylene! Actually, I don't fancy picots either and, as I also don't really like the look of them, I would skip them and just put another filling stitch on - just weaving or wrapping without the picots. You must finish this piece though, it's glorious!

Will have hardanger to show on my blog soon too.=)