Friday, March 10, 2006

Round Robin's

Finally, the rr's done. The garden sampler which is already on the way back to the U.K and the firemen's rr ready for posting on the 15th of march. I had difficulty finding the right pattern for this otherwise it was completed a while back.

Oh well, i received one completed rr last week, but always forgot to take a pic. It's a 'Merry Heart design' . It was started with six people but after a couple of months one dropped out, so in the end it was stitched by five.

Thanks everyone for all the nice comments!!!
Von, those big hardanger pieces was done before i am connected to the internet, i think this time don't have much time to do such anymore. Most of the big pieces were all packed, just some cushions and small table cloth are in used/display. Did used the big ones too before when the kids are still small but now especially Chris have ussually friends to play with and they are quite active ones.
Elisabeth, here's the link where i got the idea for the twisted cord:

twisted cord For the fob i had used three different colours, the same one i used for stitching the fob. I hope the link helps.


Dawn said...

The RR looks great! I really like the your completed RR. :)

Von said...

I can understand why your wonderful hardanger pieces have been put away! It's only been quite recent that we have bought some new furniture, keeping the old while the children were young. Now the youngest is 8 and follows my rules - most of the time. :D